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Trips to the surrounding places of interest

Explore the beauty of the Moravian Karst!

There are many historical and tourist sites worth the visit near the resort. If you want to swim you can use ponds that are in Říčky resort or you can use any other natural pools in the area. If you are interested in historic buildings, you can visit churches in nearby towns and villages. Říčky resort is situated in the centre of nature with cultural monuments within a reach. Be inspired by the photos with descriptions of places that are worth your visit.

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Říčky valley
(see Říčky valley and Rakovec valley)

Rakovecké valley
(see Říčky valley and Rakovec valley)

- This historical village was established in the 12th century. Its prominent feature is a church called The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Nearby lays a chapel with a Virgin Mary statue. History says that Virgin Mary appeared here in 1210.


- Historical village dominated by the castle, which is currently being used by the local school and is closed to public. There are grocery chains as well as a restaurant with a lovely menu in the village.

Pístovice - picturesque village near Říčky resort is lined with a large pond with a windmill where you can go fishing or swimming. After fishing you can visit a pleasant nearby restaurant.

- village located in a picturesque landscape with a quarry that now forms a natural pool, which was evaluated the best natural pool in South Moravia. There is a restaurant as well.

- Former county town will welcome you with many restaurants and chain stores, but that’s not all! Vyškov city offers an aquapark suitable for outdoor as well as indoor swimming with many other interesting amenities for both younger and older visitors. Another point of interest is the ZOO, which is situated just 15km from Říčky resort.

Stará pošta
- 4km from Rousínov city there is a monument that will take you back to the Battle of Austerlitz! Napoleon Bonaparte himself spent the night in what is today a restaurant and a riding-hall. Don´t miss the area that breathes with history and arrange a horseback ride as a special treat. To arrange the ride please call number +420 517 375 985 in advance.

Slavkov u Brna
(Austerlitz) - Travel to the era of the Battle of Slavkov (Napoleon´s days 13th -15th August) or just breath the atmosphere of the famous town which is dominated by a baroque castle! For those who are interested in history there is an educational trail leading through the battlefield of the Battle of the Three Emperors and the Peace Memorial (20km from Slavkov) with a permanent exhibition.  For those interested in leisure and relaxation there is an outdoor pool and adjoining sport fields.

- Significant pilgrimage site dominated by the Church of Holy Name of Mary, built by Jan B. Santini in the 17th century as a glorious reminder of Mother Mary’s apparition in nearby village of Bukovinka. The church was built on a Greek cross ground plan, on a place of the original church built in 1210. The construction of Santini’s church carried on for almost 40 years.

1991 – a charnel house was found and opened for public; it contains relics (remains) of about 1000 people

2004 – the carillon with 33 bells was repaired; the bells were cast in the Netherlands

A chateau with a restaurant are also part of the church complex.

In July 1 2008 the Church was declared a registered protected national monument

For those interested in leisure and relaxation there is an outdoor pool as well as a local restaurant.

- This village established in the 12th century is dominated by Jedovnice stream; enthusiastic tourists as well as fishermen will be greeted warmly! It is possible to rent a boat or a paddle boat for an adventurous ride. The well known restaurant Olšovec serves as a refreshment place! There is also a grocery chain, a pharmacy and a gas station in Jedovnice.

Ostrov u Macochy
– Balcarka Cave (see Moravian Karst, Macocha, caves)

Macocha Abyss - Punkevní cave - Kateřinská cave (see Moravian Karst, Macocha, caves)

Sloup-Šošůvské caves - (see Moravian Karst, Macocha, caves)

Josefov - Býčí skála - (see Moravian Karst, Macocha, caves)

Rudice - former  kaolin quarry suitable for  swimming (without a possibility of refreshment)

- Former county town with urbanized centres containing chain stores, hospitals and restaurants may impress you even with its historical monuments right in the city centre. A dam is situated near the city centre.

Rájec-Jestřebí - chateau (guided tours with programme)

Pod Hádkem - a pond with restaurant

- there is no particular need to introduce this Moravian metropolitan city. Urbanized city with many famous historic places of interest such as Špilberk castle will attract architecture lovers, but also the lovers of cafés and shopping.