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The Moravian Karst and its surroundings

Říčky resort is situated in the Moravian Karst, which is a significant natural monument, one of the Czech Republic´s Protective Landscape Areas (PLA). One of the most important karst resorts in Central Europe is open to the public, but only in limited numbers. Check out the photo gallery with individual objects of the Moravian Karst and visit one of the natural treasures of Europe!

Macocha abyss (part of Punkevní caves)

The abyss Macocha is the world famous attraction for both domestic and foreign tourists. It is the deepest accessible abyss in the Czech Republic. You can see two deep ponds and an underground river flowing through the bottom of the abyss, measured at 138.7m. The Punkva River leaves the massive underground system named Amatérské caves there and then it flows through a complex water system in Punkevní caves and it leaves it 1km further, in Pustý žleb (a karst valley).



Punkevní caves

A complex underground system around the underground river Punkva stretches between Pustý žleb and inaccessible complex of Amatérské caves (30km long). The visit covers the tour with presentations and a demonstration of a musical piece. You can enter massive domes with beautiful dripstones and the bottom of Macocha abyss. At the bottom, you can get on an electric boat that can take you on a picturesque journey through Macocha’s water domes with a stop at Masaryk’s dome.

Tour time: 60 minutes
Tour length: 720 meters
Journey by boat: 450 meters

Kateřinská cave (entrance from Suchý Žleb, near Skalní Mlýn)

The cave contains the largest dome open to public in the Czech Republic (97m long, 44m wide, 20m high) and a unique dripstone pattern formed by exceptionally narrow stalactites clustered in so-called Bambusový lesík. A dripstone object resembling a witch and her hut is the symbol of this cave and makes the visit especially worthwhile for children

Tour time: 30 minutes
Tour length: 430 meters

Balcarka cave (entrance in Ostrov u Macochy)

Two-storey underground maze with winding corridors, joined chimneys and high domes with a rich, multi-colour dripstone pattern of many shapes. Natural entrance portal is a significant palaeontological and archaeological site where many bones of Pleistocene animals and flint stone and stone tools were found.

Tour time: 45 minutes
Tour length: 600 meters


Sloupsko-Šošůvské caves (entrance in the village of Sloup)

Is a delight for all experts and admirers of karst underground. Extensive cave system with nearly 2km of passages that are connected by spectacular abysses reaching as deep as 80 meters. The cave is the richest site of discovery of cave fauna skeletons (bears, lions, hyenas). A gigantic cavern called Kůlna is a part of the complex and it is one of Czech’s most famous and most explored archaeological sites. For instance. among the findings there are stone and bone tools and a skull of a Neanderthal man (approximately 120,000 years old).

Short loop:
Tour time: 60 minutes
Tour length: 890 meters
Long loop:
Tour time: 100 minutes
Tour length: 1 670 meters


Výpustek cave (entrance in Křtiny)

One of the most important caves in Moravian Karst has a rich, but not entirely joyful history. Bones of prehistoric animals had been found there, but it was also once used as an ammunition dump or nuclear shelter. The cave has been open to public since 2007!

Býčí skála (in Josefov near Adamov)

The cave is situated in Moravian Karst and its inhabitation dates back to the Palaeolithic age. The Josefov area is known for its complex of buildings with the oldest surviving stove in Central Europe.

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