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Services and shops in the area

Říčky resort in the Moravian Karst lies in the heart of nature which gives you the privacy you want. Contact with the outside world is possible in nearby villages and cities where you can find all the chain stores and services that you need.

Important phone numbers - call in case of emergency!

  • 155 - Emergency - in case of life danger

  • 150 - Fire department

  • 158 - Police

  • 112 - Emergency call only from a mobile phone

Nearest hospitals

Vyškov Hospital – 15km
Purkyňova 36, 682 01
Phone no: +420 517 315 111

Brno Children's Hospital – 20km
(Surgical ambulance 24/7 (up to 18 years of age))
Černá pole, Černopolní street 9, Brno
Phone no: +420 545 122 363

St. Anne Hospital Surgical ambulance 24/7
Pekařská street 53, Brno
Phone no: +420 543 181 111

IMPORTANT! A venomous snake - viper - may be seen in the area of South Moravia; its bite may be dangerous especially for children. In case of snakebite it is necessary to give first aid - tighten the place above the bite towards the heart in order to slow down the flow of blood and go immediately to hospital for examination or vaccination - serum. This serum is available in the hospital.   


Račice - two shops, open daily (only in the morning at the weekend)

Bukovinka - two shops, open daily (only in the morning at the weekend)

Vyškov – supermarkets and hypermarkets, open daily until 8 pm


Brno - laundry - American laundry, Brno, Hybešova street 45, open daily - weekdays (10am to 12pm), weekends (2pm to 12pm)