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Říčky valley and Rakovec valley - natural parks and wetlands

Natural park Říčky valley

Natural park Říčky valley stretches from Říčky resort along a winding stream to Marianské valley (20km) near Brno. This wooded area is beautiful and remarkable and includes many rare animals and plants.

The Říčka stream runs through the southern part of the park, below Hadecký pond, into karstic area with many caves. Only one of them is open to public - the Pekárna cave.

There is a rich spring of drinking water called Miluška just 500m from the resort. If you wish to swim, there is a pond called Pod Hadkem, located 8 km away from the resort. After the sport activity it is possible to get some snacks in the local restaurant and then walk back to the resort.


Natural Park Rakovecké valley – rock conglomerates and views of the valley

The valley is 1km north to the Říčky resort. It stretches through deep forests, along the Rakovec creek, to the ponds in Jedovnice that are about 10km away. It is an important natural reserve with many plants including snowflakes or wild garlic growing in the wetland.

The most dominant features of the park are the rock groups made of natural formations offering a picturesque view of the valley.

There are information panels all around the valley, designed both to entertain and educate both children and their parents.

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